to reconnect to the Mystery
to receive the Mystical
to create the Magical
Embrace every aspect of yourself by inviting your inner child to play! We will practice breathwork to connect to our live force and access psychedelic states. Indulge in restorative and yin yoga to soothe the physical body, embark on a shamanic journey to unlock your imagination, and use journaling to integrate new intentions and process old wounds. 
Our four-week workshop series allows flexible participation in single sessions or the entire program. 
Change requires time, and patterns shift through repetition. 
Rediscover vitality, clarity, radiance and inner harmony. The ultimate goal is to reconnect with your felt sense, and insight. Revel in joy of being well oriented , well organized and clear. 
Like my teacher says "That what you’re doing does its job - and so, it’s arrogant to think that practices will fix anyone or anything, because what ends up fixing you is in fact insight" Nevine Michaan - founder of Katonah Yoga Method