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The Wisdom

It is believed that dream catchers originated from the Ojibwe tribe as a tool for protection. 

They were specifically created by an Ojibwe woman named Asibaikasshi or ‘Spider Woman’. It was her role to care for the infants and adults in the tribe. As the Ojibwe people spread across different regions of North America, Asibaikasshi struggled with how to provide protection for everyone. She began weaving magical webs to protect the infants as they slept, and soon all of the women in the tribe followed suit. They used willow hoops and sinew to make the dream catchers, and gifted them to the Ojibwe children as a medium of protection. These charms hung above the children's beds to catch bad dreams and other harm that might be present.

Over time, dream catchers were adopted by other tribes, cultures and even nations and seen as a symbol of the Native American people. This adoption was made possible through the process of intermarriage and trade.