La Limpia is the Spanish word for 'the cleanse’, an energetic hygiene ritual intended to remove heaviness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts from your energy field. This field is also known as your aura. The practice is twofold - as you cleanse the negative energy from your aura, you will also cleanse the energy of your environment. This will create space for high vibrational energy, renewed life force and feelings of clarity, joy and creativity.
La Limpia is the first step to take on your healing journey.  It resets your energetic state which allows you to safely feel heavy emotions, gain awareness of what needs to be released, and open up space to receive. 

When to Use La Limpia: 

- To clear out heavy, negative, stuck, or sticky energy
- To shift out of stress, anxiety, fear, and low vibes
- To cleanse the energy of your home or office
- To release energy from past events
- To welcome newness into your life (new friend, pet, baby, relationship, job, home!)

Benefits of The Practice: 

  • Clearer thoughts 
  • Higher vibrational emotions (love, inspiration, gratitude, joy
  • Physical lightness
  • Enhanced creativity
  • A feeling of calm 
  • Restored natural flow of energy  

The Crystals: 

Raw crystal quartz - enhances spiritual growth, awareness, wisdom, inspiration and creativity
Raw black tourmaline - used for protection, soaks up negative energy, transforms anxiety

The Power of Intention:

Having a clear intention as to what you wish to clear, cleanse, release, or let go of is the most potent tool for this practice. Say your intention out loud or write it down in your journal. Use your intention as your grounding anchor throughout the ritual. 


How To Do The Practice: 

Part 1: Prepare Your Tools

- Using your Sacred Ceremony Kit - collect your candle, crystals, palo santo, white sage, small smudge pot, flower and a glass of water
- Leave at least one window or outside door open to give negative energy a way to leave

Part 2: Prepare Your Self 

- Set time aside to practice this ritual in solitude when you won’t be interrupted
- Wear a protective stole around your neck and shoulders
- Ground your feet on the earth to help clear your heart and mind
- Set your intention for the ritual

Part 3: Open Up The Ritual

- Start by acknowledging your lineage, the history of the land you are standing on and the wisdom of your ancestors
- Call on the four directions (NSEW) to invite love, beauty, joy, and harmony into the space
 - Place the flower next to a glass of water as an offering 
- Light your candle and then light your palo santo or smudge stick until it smolders. Keep your ashtray handy to catch hot ashes

Part 4: Cleansing Your Space

- Begin by smudging yourself with the sage or palo santo, start at your feet and work your way up the energy points: pelvis, stomach, chest, heart, shoulders, throat, and head.
 - Slowly walk around the space allowing the smoke to spread throughout the room

-  Repeat this phrase to invite unwanted energies to leave: “I am clearing the unwanted energies, they can leave right out the door. Thanks for teaching me about myself, you are no longer welcome here.”  Speak firmly, and kindly

- As you walk through the space, stay focused and connected to your breath and intention. Use your breath to move negative energy out the door, making room for renewed energy and love

- Pay attention to tight spaces and corners where stale energy tends to accumulate, including the garage, closets, and bathrooms

- Use the clear quartz to welcome love, light, and high vibrational energy into the space. You can walk around the space holding the crystal, or simply leave it displayed in the room

- Use the black tourmaline to absorb negative energy from the space and as a protective energy. You can leave it displayed in a special place or place it in a pouch and carry it with you

Part 5: Closing the Ritual

- When your work is finished, smudge yourself again and step outside to let the energy you set in motion get to work

- Extinguish the smudge stick by pressing the burning tip firmly into your fireproof vessel, dirt, or sand until smoke no longer rises

- Write down any insights, sensations in your body, or feelings that came up throughout the process. Remember that “where attention goes, energy flows” 

- To cleanse your clear quartz, place it underneath sunlight or moonlight. You can also place it by a window

Referencing The Archetypes For This Ritual: 

the healer, the shaman

The healer and shaman archetypes inspired this kit. These archetypes represent courage, gratitude, and wakeful presence. Our inner journey and self work to return to radiance, self sovereignty and light.

The shaman represents the eternal life student, teacher and practitioner within us all. The word shaman originated from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and it means “one who sees in the dark.'' The shaman archetype requires consistent self study, fearless determination, and true commitment to explore the darkest corners of the soul.