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Is your packaging sustainable?

Yes. FSC certified mailer box that is sturdy, recyclable, and compostable. Our tissue wrap is made from FSC-certified, acid-free, lignin and sulphur-free paper, noissue Tissue is home compostable. All stickers are made from FSC-certified paper and printed with soy-based inks, customizable in a range of shapes, sizes, and in multicolor designs. 100% Compostable!


What is the size of the crystals in the kit?

Our clear quartz crystals are high quality, Grade A and raw. You can expect pieces about 0.5" - 1.5" in size to make up this lot. Natural rough black tourmaline crystals each sized between about 1" to 2", from Brazil. Each lot is completely unique, all crystals are randomly selected to ensure maximum variance. Cleansed with Reiki energy.

How do I care for my dreamcatcher? 

Handmade our Tulum Vibes dreamcatchers are chic, minimal and 100% vegan. Every piece is hand-crafted and unique, slight variations are to be expected. Should yarn shift during shipping, please hold the top knot in place while you gently pull the bottom string to make the webbing taught.


Open and hang dreamcatchers up as soon as you receive them. If fabric becomes loose in transit, gently manipulate it to restore it.

- Hold the knot at the top of the piece with one hand and gently pull the strings to make them taut.

- Then, pull the knots at the bottom of the piece to make them taut.

- If the spacing moved during transit, you can also shift the knots closer or further apart to re-space them. There shouldn't be space between each loop. - Run your fingers gently through the loose bottom fibers to fluff and straighten them.

The fluffy yarn cannot be steamed, however, the green, tan, and rust-colored yarn can gently be steamed if the fibers bent during shipping. Hold your steamer 1" from the fabric and gently run the steamer up and down to straighten it. 

Where is your incense from?

Wanchako 100% natural incense is handmade in Peru. No chemicals, or toxic glue which is why it's so fragile. Wanchako includes incense from Palo Santo

What are the 7 Andean Herbs?

The 7 Andean Herbs incense includes: Rosemary, Muña, Thyme, Wirocoa, Wallpa Chaqui, Romerillo, Eucalyptus.

Where do you source your products from?

Our goal is to source from indigenous communities and support their economy. So we source mostly from Latin American countries. Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico 

What is the pouch made of?

Reusable organic cotton pouch handmade in India. Use it to carry your crystals or jewelry